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Waterproof Windcoat for Professional Cycling


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This Waterproof Windcoat for Professional Cycling is a must have for those of you who like to keep active by cycling. It's made from a Nylon and Polyester blend that is completely waterproof but also breathable so your body doesn't get cold due to sweat not evaporating through the jacket.

It is super lightweight and unlike other non cycling specific jackets this will not get in the way when you are cycling - even when you are offroad using a mountain bike. It's also capable of blocking harmful UV radiation and helps to keep out the wind too. This jacket can be easily folded and stored so that you can take it with you everywhere and it also contains breathing holes at the armpits and back and also has a reflective band on the front and back of the jacket so that it is safe to use when cycling in the dark.
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