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LEO Jet Black Creature baits 4 Pcs/Bag


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4 Pcs/Bag 11cm 7.5g Twin Tail Black Worm Lures Soft Silicone Rubber Bait Carp Fishing Lure Freshwater Fishing Accessories SO027

Details and Description:

Item:  Twin Tail Black Worm Lures Soft Rubber Bait for Fishing

Material: Soft plastic rubber

Size:  11cm 7.5g   Approximately.

Specification: 4 pcs / bag approximately, Original Worm size.

Color: Brown

Packing: Bubbles Bag.

Appliance: Sea fishing, Freshwater fishing --- Rock fishing, Stream fishing, Ice fishing, Boat fishing.


1. Vivid Lifelike Simulaiton Artificial Maggot Grub Worm - Perfect Swimming Movement.

2. Super Attractive to All kinds of Fishes, Especially to the Carp Fish.

3. Sanitary & Environmental Material --- Multiple times Usage, No need to dirt your hand to deal with real Worms, No need to Kill worms.



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