Fishing Gripper and Hook Remover


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These Fishing gripper and hook remover tools should be an essential part of all fisherman's tackle boxes as they ensure that your hands and fingers are kept well away from your catches mouth that is full of tiny teeth that love nothing better than a finger for a quick snack!

Made from high-grade Aluminium these pliers and hook removal tools are built to last and can easily lift a fish up to 20kg (44lbs) so there's no chance that you need to worry about the one that got away! The fishing grip features a built-in set of scales so you can accurately weigh your catch without having to use another tool and can be used to lift a fish with their one handed operation.

The pliers can quickly and effortlessly remove any fishing hooks from your catch and also has a Tungsten Steel blade that can cut any fishing line or braid if needed. It also has a built in clamping lead to ensure that your weights can be securely attached to your fishing rig. They even come with a strap that can be attached to your clothes or belt to ensure that you will never lose your pliers again!
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